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Cultural Keystones Initiative

Cultural Keystones Initiative promotes the planting and restoration of plant species of high cultural and ecological value to Hawai‘i, including Kamani, Kou, Milo, Kauila, Iliahi, Alahe‘e, and Lama. These trees are featured in the stories, practices and ceremonies of Native Hawaiians, serve multiple traditional uses, and support the persistence of Hawaii’s host culture. The Foundation will support the programs that feature the use of these culturally iconic species in community management forests, and in biocultural restoration efforts, including both natural protected areas and the built environment.


The Akaka Foundation for Tropical Forests is a 501C3 incorporated in the state of Hawai‘i

Akaka Foundation For Tropical Forests
c/o Cades Schutte LLP
P.O. Box 1525 Kamuela, Hawaii
96743, USA